Use Our Expertise To Achieve Your Sustainability Targets Sooner

Elec Comm Sustainability

As electrical experts, we proudly embrace a steadfast commitment to sustainability. With a first-hand understanding of the profound impact that businesses have on our environment, we have embarked on a journey to integrate eco-conscious practices into every facet of our operations. From innovative energy-saving solutions to responsible waste management, our dedication to sustainability not only aligns with the evolving landscape of corporate responsibility but also empowers our clients to achieve their sustainability targets.

Our 3 phases for attainment

Energy Efficiency Audits

An energy audit provides your organisation insights into identifying and quantifying energy-conserving initiatives. This process unveils immediate opportunities for reductions, as well as considerations for future planning.

Product and System Upgrades

Upgrading traditional products and systems with energy efficient products can result in 75% less energy consumption, whilst increasing the product's life-span. This dual advantage not only significantly mitigates expenses associated with electricity bills and frequent replacements but also contributes to the reduction of light bulb disposal in landfills.

Waste Recycling

The end of a product's life-cycle initiates an opportunity to contribute to the reduction of resource consumption and minimising the environmental impact associated with production. Conscientious management of lamp waste, which often contains hazardous materials like mercury, demonstrates a dedication to both public health and the ecosystem. Waste recycling is an integral part of our framework for each project we undertake.

Environmental Policy – AS/NZ ISO 14001

To view our Environmental Policy – AS/NZ ISO 14001 please visit our HSEQ page.