Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Electrical Service

Save your business money whilst helping to save the environment

Commercial Solar Electrical Service

Elec Comm’s Solar services are an extension of our commitment to providing the best in energy efficient electrical solutions for all of our clients. As a leader in the energy sector, we can provide tailored services for any size solar project. We currently supply and install solar panel systems Nationally, including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia to save you and your business a substantial amount of energy and money.

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, meaning we will never run out. This makes it a cleaner option for our environment, wellbeing and future compared to burning fossil fuels. Solar panels work by converting sunlight into AC electricity – commonly used for powering general appliances in Australia. The power is then available for your business to use, and excess electricity is fed to an electric grid. Not only does this mean it is great for our environment, but it also saves us money on power bills. Solar systems are also very easy to maintain due to advanced technologies used to protect against debris, rain, hail and other harsh weather conditions.

Commercial Solar Installation

The installation of solar panels at your business can provide the following benefits:

  • Reducing your overall energy consumption
  • Reducing and stabilisng your energy costs
  • Achieving carbon reduction targets
  • Achieving energy consumption targets
  • Improve your corporate brand image
  • Reduced downtime in your business by using a renewable energy source
Commercial Solar Installation

For all commercial solar enquiries, one of our professional electricians will arrange to visit your facility to assess your corporate goals, existing assets and energy usage so we can determine the best solution to suit your business. This analysis considers your existing commercial electrical products such as LED lighting to ensure optimal energy efficiency across the board.

Government Incentives

Solar System Government Incentives

Recognising the substantial benefits of installing solar systems in Australia, the Federal and State Governments have introduced incentives to encourage the purchase and installation of solar panels. The rebates that have been made available to Australians vary with the application. To see if you are eligible for a rebate or incentive please see below:

Small Scale Generation Certificates

Large Scale Generation Certificates

Specialised Rebates

Enquire today to discuss how we can help reduce your energy costs by installing a solar solution at your business.