How to Choose the Best Commercial Electrician for Your Next Project

How to Choose the Best Commercial Electrician for Your Next Project

If you require electrical work for your commercial business, selecting a commercial electrician is not a task to take lightly. The quality of your electrical contractor could mean the difference between a professional commercial set up and a fire hazard waiting to happen.

Commercial environments can be fast-paced with strict deadlines to meet, so maintaining electrical services must be a top priority for any facility manager. 

Without electricity, production can stop entirely. Electrical issues can often occur in such an environment, which is why selecting the right electrical contractor is so important. 

Hiring a highly skilled electrician will result in a high quality job that will last for years, allowing your business to operate smoothly. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are a number of important factors to take into account when seeking to hire a commercial electrician in Sydney. 

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Comparing Quotes

One of the first factors to consider when hiring a commercial electrician is how much they will charge you for their work. Speak to a number of electrical contractors in Sydney and ask them for a quote. 

If you are searching for someone to complete a particular job, ensure that the electricians that quote you are familiar with that job and have had past experience with it. Different electrical contractors have varying levels of experience, so do some research into the work they have produced for other clients in the past. 

Once you have received the electrical quotes, compare them to see which one will best suit the work that you require. Remember that quality is one of the most important factors of a commercial electrical job, so avoid selecting the cheapest quote based solely on price as it could cost you even more in the long run. Instead, consider which electrician will provide quality work at an affordable price. 

What Experience Do They Have?

When it comes to commercial electrical work, experience is key. Knowledge from past experiences is a necessity for a commercial electrician. The last thing you want from an electrician is to be learning on the job. 

Once you have a few electricians lined up, ask about their experience with commercial electrical work. How long have they been practicing it? What other electrical jobs have they done? Have they worked on projects similar to your own? These are the questions that should be asked in order to determine their prior experience. 

You could ask to see plans or photos of previous jobs to ensure they have worked on a similar task before. The more experience your commercial electrician has, the more knowledgeable they will be in regards to complex and challenging jobs. 

Commercial electrical is complicated, with many individual nuances and sections that take time to learn, understand and master. By hiring a commercial electrician in Sydney who is knowledgeable across all areas, you have the confidence knowing that your business is in safe hands and the work will be of high quality. 

Verification of License, Insurance and Contracts

When selecting a commercial electrician for your business, it is vital to ensure that they are fully licensed and covered by insurance. Before any electrical work begins, check that the electrician holds a current and valid license which is relevant for the type of work that you need to carry out. 

Once the work has been completed, the electrical contractor must also provide you with a compliance certificate which is required by the law. Not only can commercial electrical work be expensive, it can also be risky if the electrician is not properly insured or does not hold a valid license. 

In order to ensure that work is carried out to a safe and professional standard, do a simple license check. Visit Service NSW to check if the electrician you are hiring has a valid license to provide commercial electrical services. 

Your electrician must also be able to provide a written contract. This is a legally binding document that acknowledges the work being done for your business by the electrical contractor. A written contract can protect your business against any damage or legal issues which may occur during or after the electrical work has taken place. 

The contract must include the name of the company, contact details, REC number, the date and their business number or ABN. The contract should also contain a list of materials and the various labour costs for the work required. If the electrician is unable to give an exact price, then hourly rates should be detailed in the contract, as well as an explanation for why an exact price cannot be stated. 

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Client Testimonials

Before selecting an electrician, ask them for some contact details of a previous client in order to assess the work they have completed prior to the job. 

A highly regarded electrician will happily provide you with contact details so that you can ask some questions and get a better understanding of the work they have completed in the past. If the electrician is hesitant or refuses to give you any contact information for a previous client, simply refuse their service and look for another commercial electrician. 

If you’re in the construction business, chances are that you know other professionals who have hired electricians in the past. Ask for their experiences so that you can gauge their skills and abilities. Check the online reviews for the electrician to get a better understanding of how other businesses have found their work. This can give you a strong idea of the level of service that they are capable of providing. 


Commercial electricians can often be required to work alongside other professional tradesmen when working on a construction job. For this reason, it is vital that the commercial electricians you hire have appropriate communication and team working skills to work in such an environment. If all tradesmen on the construction site can communicate effectively with one another, chances are that the job will be completed quickly, efficiently and to a higher standard. 

Commercial electricians should also be resourceful, as commercial environments can often change rapidly. Architects and designers can change their minds at the last minute, requiring the electrician to change electrical fittings to new areas or re-wire entire circuit boards.  

A good electrician should be creative enough to come up with a solution when problems and challenges arise on site. It can be hard to know how resourceful an electrician is without first seeing their work, so ask around at other commercial businesses when gathering testimonials. 

Commercial electricians should also present professionally, with appropriate attire and a friendly and helpful attitude towards other people on site. 

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With so many commercial electricians available, it can be difficult to find the right tradesman for the job. Ask other commercial businesses for recommendations and read online reviews to get a good understanding of the work they have carried out in the past. 

If you’re searching for a highly skilled and qualified electrical contractor in Sydney, Elec Comm Services are highly renowned for providing quality electrical installations and repairs to commercial businesses. 

With years of knowledge under the belt, our licensed electricians will provide your business with amazing customer service and reliable electrical solutions to keep your business running smoothly. Contact Elec Comm Services to enquire about an electrical quote for your company today. 

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