6 Crucial Electrical Safety Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Office Safe

6 Crucial Electrical Safety Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Office Safe

Commercial office buildings can often be used by hundreds of people every day. With so many employees in the one place, it is extremely important to manage electrical safety correctly. To assist in providing a safe environment for your business, we have listed some of the most crucial electrical safety tips for commercial offices. 

1. Turn off and unplug appliances

To avoid an excess current in your wiring which could lead to a fire hazard, switch off and unplug appliances overnight and when not in use. Electrical appliances have no chance of causing a fire when switched off and unplugged. 

Make sure to switch off the appliance before unplugging, as not doing so may cause the plug to spark. It can seem like a boring and futile task, but switching off appliances is one easy way to improve the standard of electrical safety in your commercial office. 

2. Replace appliances that are worn

Over time, office appliances are guaranteed to be subject to some wear and tear from daily use. The appliances may still work, but beware of the potential fire risk that an old appliance could impose on your office. 

If you feel a shock or tingle from an appliance when touching it, turn it off and unplug it from the wall immediately. To ensure it is safe, either repair or replace the equipment before using it again. 

When cables become frayed or broken, the protective plastic layer can peel back which exposes the wires inside. The wires may be hot and could potentially cause a fire if left around other flammable materials. If you notice that appliances are beginning to wear down, it may be time to replace them and keep your office safe.   

3. Keep water away from electricity equipment

Restrict employees from having open liquid containers such as cups or mugs on their desks and around appliances, cords or extension leads. Water and other liquids are great conductors of electricity, so when electricity comes into contact with the water, it could potentially start a fire. 

Instead, ask employees to use water bottles or flasks when sitting near or using electrical appliances. If an appliance needs to be cleaned, make sure that it is completely switched off and unplugged before doing so. Also make sure to dry it completely before plugging it back in. 

4. Avoid overloading outlets

An outlet can become overloaded when there are too many appliances plugged into it. An overload occurs when the demand for electricity on the circuit is more than the outlet can handle. The use of extension cords and power strips can draw too much electricity out from the circuit and cause it to overload, so take care if you do require them for your appliances. 

You should also never plug an extension cord into another extension cord, as this can cause electric shocks or fires. Instead of using extension cords, hire a licensed electrician to install more power points and upgrade your existing circuit. 

5. Watch for damaged outlets

Wall outlets can slowly begin to wear down over time, especially with consistent daily use and the operation of multiple appliances. As they begin to wear down, they can heat up on the inside. If the issue is not identified early, the outlet could potentially blow and lead to an electrical fire. 

Keep an eye on all outlets in the office to ensure they are not cracked, discolored, sparking or producing a burning smell. If you notice any of these signs, contact a licensed electrician immediately to replace your outlets. 

6. Ensure that equipment is installed correctly

In accordance with Work safe Victoria guidelines, electrical equipment should be tested and tagged approximately every 12 months to ensure it is in safe working order. Electrical appliances and safety switches need to be tested in order to determine if they are installed correctly. Get in touch with a commercial electrician to organize regular testing and tagging of your office equipment.

Office lighting reception

With a large number of electrical appliances that are used daily, an office can potentially be put at risk if electrical safety is neglected. Always contact a commercial electrician to attend to any electrical issues in your office. This not only ensures that your building is safe, but also that the work is carried out to a high standard and will be safe to use in the future. 

Our team of licensed electricians have years of experience on the job, and are dedicated to providing high quality commercial electrical services to hundreds of happy customers. If you’re searching for a licensed electrical contractor in Sydney to test and tag your equipment, install new appliances or even perform some standard electrical maintenance, contact our team at Elec comm.

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