5 Crucial Signs Your Business Needs Electrical Maintenance (and why you should act fast)

5 crucial signs your business needs electrical maintenance (and why you should act fast)

Regularly conducting electrical maintenance is essential to prevent potential electricity problems or accidents in the workplace. Businesses require a range of commercial electrical services to ensure the workplace is safe for their staff and customers, as well as ensuring that energy efficiency is at the optimal level.

Thorough electrical maintenance involves testing, monitoring and fixing a variety of components, including machines, transformers, generators, lighting systems and more. This is to ensure that all electrical components are working correctly and efficiently.

Keeping a regular electrical maintenance schedule is vital in order to prevent and fix potential issues, but sometimes it’s possible to identify problems early and a licensed electrician can be called to fix them. To help you identify these issues, below, the Elec Comm Services team have listed five signs that your business requires electrical maintenance.


A circuit breaker trip can be a fairly common thing to happen, and a quick flip of the tripped breaker switch will usually have the power back on within minutes. However, when circuit breakers are consistently tripping and causing electrical issues, it can be a strong indication that the circuit is overloading or short circuiting. This can be a particularly complex issue, and in this case it’s important to contact a commercial electrician to diagnose and fix the issue. Professional electricians are able to test the circuit breaker with the appropriate equipment to determine the source of the overload, and grounding wires can be installed to prevent future overloads and stabilise the voltage in your electrical setup. This will prevent overloads and stop the circuit breaker from tripping, providing your commercial space with safety and consistency.

Electrician Checking Electric Board


If you notice that sparks are appearing from either an appliance or an outlet, this is a strong sign that you should contact an electrical contractor to conduct some maintenance and fix the issue ASAP. Sparks can sometimes appear when appliances are plugged or un-plugged too quickly, and this is generally a common situation. However, sparks can sometimes signal that there is a more serious issue that should be addressed. Sparks are sometimes caused by loose wiring or excessive heat within the electrical outlet. When they heat up, components inside the outlet can begin to melt which is extremely dangerous and is capable of causing an electrical fire. Make sure to keep a consistent electrical maintenance schedule to prevent such issues in the future.

Flickering or broken lights

Flickering lights are another common occurrence within commercial spaces, and whilst it may seem like a minor problem at first, flickering lights will eventually need to be replaced. Faulty lights can not only be annoying, but can also lead to headaches and migraines. The light may simply just need a replacement bulb, but there are a number of other reasons that lights can begin to flicker. Sometimes faulty electrical fittings and circuits can cause the lightbulb to fail, and contacting a licensed electrician is the best way to fix the cause of the problem safely.


Unfamiliar buzzing sounds can be cause for concern, especially in older buildings where the wiring may have been neglected for some time. A buzzing outlet will often indicate that there is a problem with the circuit breaker or the wiring. This could be due to corrosion, water damage or simply just loose wiring that is in need of maintenance. The problem may be caused by something simple such as a blown fuse, in which case it can be easily replaced. For any other electrical issues beyond this, contact a commercial electrician who has the necessary skills, knowledge and tools for the job.

Electrician Checking Switches

Old buildings

As buildings age, they slowly begin to degrade and therefore require more maintenance to keep them running smoothly. If your business is moving into an older building, it’s a great idea to contact an electrical contractor who can assess the electrical wiring and determine if it safe to use. It’s best to check the electrical set up and diagnose any potential issues early on, rather than causing more damage in the future when the wiring wears out. Electricians can add safety switches and conduct testing to ensure that the building is capable of supporting the electricity load. They are then able to make adjustments where needed to make the building as safe as possible. 

Older buildings also generally use electrical systems that are not as energy efficient as they could be. A quick electrical assessment is often free and can provide strategies to reduce your energy usage and power bills. To see how we have saved multiple businesses money and energy, please contact us here.

Keeping a consistent maintenance schedule is the key to avoiding electrical problems. Regularly assessing the wiring will improve safety and power efficiency, as well as preventing any potential issues before they arise. Always contact a licensed electrician to ensure that the job is done safely and correctly. We know how important it is to keep employees safe and comfortable in their working environment, and keeping your building maintained is the key to doing so.

Our team of friendly electricians have years of experience, and are dedicated to providing quality commercial electrical services to hundreds of happy customers. If you’re searching for a commercial electrician in Sydney, or other cities across Australia please contact our team at Elec Comm Services here.

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